Oh, blessed oxygen! Sweet being able to breathe out of my nose! I’ve spent today guzzling hot tea and breathing through my mouth, counting down to when I could go home and take my decongestants. Sadly said medicine has left me a little too brain dead to work on a post. Or writing. Or anything that isn’t staring at youtube videos of other people playing video games. So instead this week I bring you…


(You may need a Pinterest account to see it)

My Alpha/Beta readers may have seen these before, but I’ve put them up on Pinterest so everyone can see! Look! It’s my babies! At least three of my babies! Some of the art was gifted, others were commissioned by me, and if I had the money and means they would all be framed and hung up in my bedroom. Also I made sure to link to the tumblrs of the artists, so if you’re interested in commissioning them you can!

Eee look at those Huggabots I want a million!

Okay Amber needs to sleep now.

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