In Which To Ashes is up for Pre-Order!


YES! The second Fanzine I’m in, To Ashes, is up for pre-order! I have two stories in this one! One about a rendezvous in a theater’s costume closet, and the other about a dare that’s gotten out of hand. And a wood fish. I can explain the wood fish thing later. A lot of super amazing artists and writers have poured their hard work and love into this zine, and I hope you consider picking up a copy if you’re into McHanzo, or Overwatch, or you just feel funny every time you see a cowboy hat. Not only do they have a paperback and paperback bundle (including stickers, bookmarks, mini-prints, and I swear I’ll explain the wood fish later) but if you’re not into material possessions you can get a PDF copy for only $5! Supplies are limited, so act fast!

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