In Which Nothing Happened for a Year

It’s been officially one year since I’ve last hung out with a group of human beings. It was a D&D night/birthday party for me/movie night at the local game store. I made cupcakes. We watched what I consider The Worst Movie Ever Made. Yes, worse than The Room. Because The Room wasn’t four hours long and involved a LOT of inflation fetishes. I’m getting off topic. Sorry, that movie haunts me. What I’m trying to say is that it was a fun night. It was also the last night. Life is like that.

So what have I been doing during my long, isolating quarantine? Besides a few new hobbies and eating a lot of snacks I’ve been mainly writing. Which is why I’m here today besides to inform you about the worst movie in the universe. Because I have important news:




Yes it took me being stuck at home with nothing else to do but the re-write of Larkspur is finished! I’ve handed it out to beta readers to double check that I didn’t miss any big plot holes or the like, but I think it might be done. Not only done, but good enough to send out to agents again! So that means it’s time to rest and not drive myself crazy with editing, right?


Because right after I put the finishing touches on Larkspur I dug up my first draft of its sequel, Cry of the Hawthorn. Taking place in the Hawthorn Penal Colony this story is about redemption, justice, and being loved whenever you want to or not. Now, unlike Larkspur this draft of Hawthorn is REALLY rough. I’m honestly having a hard time figuring out where to start editing. I know I have all the time in the world to figure it out, but I am itching to start working right away.

For those who don’t know my fanfiction writing, I’ve also been going through my WIP folder and finishing up a few fics I have here and there just to get them up on Ao3 and out of my mind. This side project also includes hopefully finishing my big fics Notes in a Line and Five Shalle Ryde, the question is just a matter of when. Hawthorn gets first priority, of course, but don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten the rest of my kids!

Where does this leave me? Well, I get my first vaccine shot on Friday. Then the second shot a month later. Then, 2-4 weeks after that, I’m getting a God Damn haircut. It’s the little things that keep one motivated.

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