In Which the newest Midwife is Out!

The newest Midwife Fable, “Of Needles and Pins”, is out!

A visit to the deep woods turns deadly for The Midwife, when she finds her friend, The Grandmother, dead along with the old woman’s red hood-wearing granddaughter. The culprit? A big bad wolf with an appetite for human flesh.

But this familiar story rings hollow for The Midwife. Instead, her eyes are locked on the cast of characters who have made their home in the tiny village nearby:

The Woodsman who can’t stand the sight of blood.

The Mother who has lost so much in so little time.

And The Washerwomen, three old crones with hearts as dark as the forest itself.

With the help of her assistant, The Mermaid’s Sister, The Midwife must untangle the roots of this deadly fairy tale and bring the true culprit to light. Before she finds herself as the wolf’s next meal.

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Thank you everyone for your support!


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