In Which I Write a Lot

Ah, gallbladder pain. Nothing like a stabbing sensation to wake you up in time to see the sunrise. Since I’m up anyway, how about I catch everyone up on how my projects are going?

  1. Echo of the Larkspur is back from my editor! It’s so freakin’ professional now! I do have one section that needs major edits, but beyond that I am dangerously close to saying this is finished! For now.
  2. Cry of the Hawthorn is currently in alpha. Which means that a dear internet buddy, Dangersocks, is helping me patch it together so it can be read by my beta readers. Why do I need to do that, you ask? Answer: At one point I spelt ceiling “cebling”. Trust me, I need the extra hand. If all goes well Hawthorn will be ready for beta reading by the end of the summer.
  3. In interests of keeping my writing skills sharp I have decided to start two, yes TWO, serials! My goal is to write something that doesn’t need a lot of planning or thought to the plot or characters. Think of it as a snack between meals! If all goes well each story will be updated once per month. They are:
    1. Freeholder: A Time Travel Story. Taking place in my hometown of Freehold NJ in the 1890s, this story is more or less an excuse to shove as many time travel tropes together as possible. Featuring dance numbers, too many paradoxes, and if all goes well at least one sword fight.
    2. Cassandra on her Dark Throne. This is the story of Cassandra, a dark Goddess who deals with those who have lost everything in the name of love. She is also really, really bored most of the time. Although this is a practice in horror writing I have to confess this is also a romance, and dangerously close to slice-of-life. In hell.\
  4. And for those who want early access to my serials, please consider donating to My Patreon! For a dollar a month you can read my stories and get updates before I remember to update my blog!
  5. I’m also writing fanfic again. What? I’m a fangirl. Of *course* I write fanfic.

Well I can see the sun now, so I think it’s time to go lay in bed (in pain) instead of sitting at my computer (in pain).

Stupid flesh body.

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