In Which a Lot of Things Have Happened

On Wednesday, September 13th, I received my 100th rejection letter.

I also received The Worst Advice I Have Ever Been Given.

If you’re here because of that twitter thread, welcome! I honestly did not think it would pick up the steam which it did! Did you see that I wrote up an article about it for Fantasy Faction? If not you should check it out! Warning: The editor included a picture of my mortal enemy Robot Boobs along with the article.

I’m still cleaning up the place, as it were, but feel free to poke around while I get things up and running! Check out some links, learn about my various invasive surgeries, maybe even read a story or two!

And don’t mind Huggabot, they just want to help.


One thought on “In Which a Lot of Things Have Happened

  1. i hope your book gets published soon, because i read the first chapter and i need the rest. like… asap. the frickin… with the… he didn’t know he had the guest chip!!! and then he was all “OH SHIT I FUCKED UP ABORT ABORT hello yes i am a totally normal AI with totally normal AI things”

    incredible, i laughed, i loved it, i need it.


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