In Which I’ve Been Super Busy

That’s right folks! I’m back! And how have I spent my summer vacation? The short answer is mostly crying while being sick. The slightly longer answer is a I got a new job! A very, very stressful job (see previous answer). But that’s not all I’ve been up to!


My “transformative work” (aka fanfic) Points on a Circle has reached over 45k views, and is within the top ten most kudos McHanzo fics on Archive Of Our Own! I’m glad so many enjoy my story, but at the same time I’m not sure how it’s gotten over 95k words and growing. Hopefully I will have the second-to-last chapter up soon, so why not check it out in the meantime? Unless you’re not into reading about characters from Overwatch kissing, then just ignore everything I said. But hey! Speaking of characters from Overwatch kissing…




The first one, To Ashes, is a fanzine exploring the relationship between Hanzo Shimada and Jesse McCree within the themes of Life, Death, and Rebirth. I am getting two short stories published in this zine (‘Dress Rehearsal’ and ‘Sugar on Top’) with art based on my stories by great tumblr artists like Dubosi, Loch and Load, Mad Maz, Wyntera, Kidd, Ixiiee, Diefuss, and maybe others I can’t remember at this moment! I will be posting more about this zine as it comes closer to the preorder release!

The second zine, BULLSEYE, is the creation of the McHanzo Tumblr! This zine is more focused on the different parts of McCree and Hanzo’s relationship from their past, to their meeting, falling in love, and beyond. I only have one story published in this one but I know there’s a lot of other great artists and writers in here! You can pre-order the zine here.


After the completion of ‘Points on a Circle’ I will be focusing on completing ‘The Worth of Hair’, the first in my planned Midwife Fable Short Stories. This is a story about love, about terrified parents-to-be, about a sister, about a wicked cool dagger, and most importantly about a Midwife. I am planning on self-publishing these stories on Amazon. And, as you can see above, I am in desperate need of an artist. More updates as the story progresses.


What of Hawthorn? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Hawthorn! Part of my summer was spent coming to a very important realization: I have to completely re-do the second half. And change the climax. And the villain. I’m pretty much gutting the story to the foundation and building out from there. It will take time, and patience, but it will be written. And I’m glad I’m able to take this journey with all of you.

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