In Which I am so Sick

NOTE I am also too damn sick to figure out wtf is happening here with the spaces will come back when I can breathe without wheezing
Well I’m bedridden with a super gross chest infection so what better time to update everyone on what’s going on?
First off: That whole Patreon mess. I want to thank everyone who kept their donation. Every dollar means so much to me so OH BOY was I pissed when Patreon announced the changes. Thankfully they have stopped their plans, but the lesson has been learned. I will be expanding the different ways you can donate if you don’t feel comfortable doing it through this site anymore. And honestly, I don’t blame you.
For those who left: No hard feelings! If you ever want to help me out feel free to kick a dollar or two on my Ko-fi instead:
Second, if you missed it the first time: I’m having a couple of short fics published in the fanzine To Ashes! Although the physical books aren’t currently on sale you can pick up a pdf for $5 and support a whole bunch of cool artists and writers, myself included!
And I think I had a third thing but I can’t remember because I almost coughed up a lung just now. Back to bed for me!

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