In Which Winter is Just Terrible

Hello everyone! I’m still alive!

Sorry for the radio silence, it’s been one heck of a winter. Still unemployed, drifting from illness to illness, getting my brain meds adjusted, and just this morning at a job interview the interviewer stared me dead in the eye and said “We’re not going to hire you.” at the very end. Who does that? Whatever happened to the old don’t call us we’ll call you?

But enough of that, let’s go over the recent Author Amber Updates

Larkspur Update

Oh boy, big one here! I actually heard back from an agent who is interested…if some changes are made to the structure of the novel. I won’t lie, I cried when I read their email. And screamed. Cried in the shower. Screamed into my pillow. Passed out. Woke up. Cried while taking another shower. Ate way too many hot wings. And then re-read over the email and realized the agent was right. They were right about EVERYTHING.

So pardon my dust as Larkspur goes under massive re-writes. The core of the book is the same, but some events need to get shuffled about and spackled while some other characters need to be adjusted. Think of this like a movie going under rewrites and reshoots after being seen by a test audience.

On that note: Beta Readers! PREPARE YOURSELVES! I shall call upon you once more!

Midwife Update

Nothing like getting almost done with a story and then realizing WHOOPS there needs to be like 20% more added including a boss fight. So  that’s where The Worth of Hair is at the moment.

The good news is that while digging around in my old files I found an almost finished Midwife story from 2015 that I totally forgot about! So my plan is to finish that up, put it up as a free short story (available first to my patreon members) as a way to get people hyped for the Midwife.

Fanfic Update

That’s right folks, I am still deep in Overwatch fanfic writing! I’ve been accepted into two zines coming out this spring (more details on those later) and I’m getting ready to start on my sequel to Points on a Circle. If my notes are anything to go by it is going to be a doozy, and focus more on the Talon members and the Hana/Sombra ship. Oh, you don’t ship Hana and Sombra? YOU WILL! Hopefully. Give it a shot!

I am also going to be doing a Ko-fi donation fic about Zenyatta in Blackwatch to help raise money for a new computer. I’ll be posting more about this later!

And the Rest!

As you may have notice I’ve been making changes around the old patreon. Goals have been adjusted, Rewards have been made more realistic, and I’m working on handmade merchandise to sell too!

I will also now be posting public updates on the 1st of each month, patreon-only updates on the 15th (unless there is a major announcement) and then a special What I Did This Month newsletter sent out at the end of the month!

That should be it for now. If you would excuse me, I just notice that a box of pushpins fell onto my carpet and spread out everywhere. I better take care of that and see if I can figure out if there’s a ghost trying to kill me.

Until next time, my Little Owlets!




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