One Month On

Today marks the one month anniversary of moving to North Carolina. There’s so much I want to say, wanted to say, said and then was deleted by patreon so I will instead do a short version. I love it here, and I love my dear friends, and for the first time in months I’ve been able to write again. It’s slow and unsteady but it is writing. Every sentence feels like I’m writing for the first time again. I have months of inactivity to get past but I know with every word I’ll get better.

Personally, I’m trapped in a grey limbo of waiting. There’s a potential employer who is thrilled to hire me, but they’re in the middle of negotiating the contract with the temp agency. I can’t wait to get off my friend’s couch and into my own home, but no one wants to rent to someone without steady work. So I’m stuck here frustrated as hell with nothing to do but wait. I’ve spent a month eager to pounce but all I’m getting is metaphorical leg cramps. And non-metaphorical neck cramps from said couch.

On that note, I must thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. My supporters, my readers, my family and friends. As of this posting the only real income I have is from your donations. Through your generous offerings you’ve kept me fed and eating more than just plain ramen noodles. You’re also helping me pay my bills, pay for gas, and all the other thousands of little things that pop up every day. I literally couldn’t do this without you.

In book news, I know I have discussed this with my editor and beta readers but have yet to make an official announcement. After months of trying to edit Larkspur I have decided to rewrite the book from scratch. The Amber who wrote the book five years ago is completely different than the Amber I am today. Trying to fit both styles has been like violently cramming two incompatible puzzle pieces together. All that it’s resulted in is more frustration and bent cardboard.

The other news is that after a hundred and eight rejections I am also pursing a self-publishing route with Larkspur. I can safely say that traditional publishing has no interest in my stories, so it’s up to me to get them out to my fans. There are people who love my work, who cherish it dearly, and I just can’t wait by in hopes that popular media will suddenly decide its cool with gay robots.

Part of this came with the realization that my issue with Larkspur is that it doesn’t flow like my usual writing. It seems stilted, like if someone shoved it into a box that’s too small. I’m more attuned to the writing style and pacing of fanfiction. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a far more leisurely pace with a focus on emotions and character growth then action or drama. So I’m going to be kicking off traditional book styles and write like more than I’m accustomed to. It’s clear that’s the style my fans what, and it’s sure as hell the style I’ve been using.

How this is going to work: For $5 a month on Patreon or 2 Ko-fis you will be given access to the latest chapter of the rewrite of Larkspur. More information on this soon.

Speaking of fanfic, the first chapter of my McHanzo Sailor Moon AU is in the hands of my beta reader. Hopefully that will be up within the week. As for Notes, I am halfway through chapter four and I’m happy to announce that our protagonists finally meet in person! GET HYPE

I’m falling asleep at my keyboard so I will cut it off here. That and I’m afraid patreon will delete everything again. Once again, thank you for your kindness and donations. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

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