Tumblr is Dead but I’m Still Alive

Let’s start this off with some good news, shall we? And I don’t mean the fact we are finally free from the hellsite known as Tumblr.

For those who may not know I had recently gone back to school to get a Certificate in the Fundamentals of Horticulture. Now this isn’t the huge three-year four hour test certification, but it is an official document that says that I know that plants need varying amounts of sun and water to survive. That may seem obvious but I have lost count of the customers who were BAFFLED to hear that you just couldn’t water plants whenever you felt like. And guess what? I got it! I am now certified to tell you to no you don’t water a cactus, who told you that, what is wrong with you

Now, onto non-school stuff!


Here’s a list of places to find me that isn’t Tumblr, now that the site is going under:

Archive of Our Own (Ao3)


Personal Blog






Pillowfort.io (will link once website is up)

And of course I will still be cross-posting to my Tumblr, it just will no longer be the main way to contact me from this point forward


I’m going to be featured in several zines coming up! Linking to tumblrs now, will replace when people move over to twitter/pillowfort

Overcooked – an Overwatch zine that features recipes from all over the world! My piece is for  Budae Jjigae, a traditional Korean dish being made by a one D.va (and her lovely assistant Winston)

Overlooked Heroes – an Overwatch zine dedicated to non-playable Overwatch characters. My piece will be about Lynx 17 and Mondatta because I cannot choose between my robot babies

Let Mercy Say F*ck – an Overwatch zine dedicated to Mercy, our favorite angel who can never get a break. I’m co-creating it and have a story about a rather embarrassing dinner party that Mercy ruins via gunfire and nudity.

Law and Order: a Symmarah Fanzine – an Overwatch zine about one of my favorite small ships, Pharah/Symmtera! I’m writing about their meet cute that involves armored trucks and armed security. Also, a dress with pockets.


(art by Wyntera)


The problem with endings, Hana would reflect on later, is that some weren’t as obvious as others.

Her  last dinner with her parents as a civilian was a crystal-clear memory  of forced smiles and empty words about how proud they were. Her last  shoot on set in Hollywood was a blurred mess of laughter and exhaustion  thrown into a memory-blender set on high. Her last day in the Korean  military was, if you asked her, so perfectly on-brand in every way.  Every ending followed by a beginning as natural as the dawn following  the night.

But the quiet endings were the tricky ones. She  couldn’t remember the last time she sat on her father’s lap as he played  video games. The last time her mother brushed her hair was lost as  well. The only thing worse than the endings that already passed were the  ones yet to pass. Who would be the last person she spoke to? What would  be the last video game she would play? Her last meal? Her last words?

“Hey there, Bunnybee, could you help me with this weird phone-thing?”

Hana hoped this would be the last time she would have to help McCree with his phone.


It’s been a hell of a year folks, and thank you for all being patient! It’s time to pick up where we left off in Points on a Circle. This story will not only be following the blooming relationship between D.va/Sombra, but also tell the story of the slow and bloody path of the Talon Fam’s redemption. We already found the beginning, now we just need to reach the end.


  • I’m 3 and a half weeks away from the end of the season at work, which means I can finish up my various WIPs this winter!
  • The move to NC is still happening, and is planned for the end of April/start of May!
  • To help cover my education costs I will be doing a fundraising Ko-fi fic called “In the Name of the Moon”, a McHanzo Sailor Moon au. More info to follow!
  • And I’m coming off of a horrific sinus infection that’s lasted for almost all of November, so I’m still a bit iffy with my health. Hopefully this round of antibotics will work.
  • I’m also now taking the next level up Horticulture class, because I must learn EVERY PLANT

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, your love and support has gotten me through these tough times.

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