In Which There is a Quick Update

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update people on what is happening. I’m still sending out my first book, Echo of the Larkspur, to agents and publishers. My second book, Cry of the Hawthorn, is still being edited. Oh boy, is it being edited. I literally have three windows open right now as I’m trying to re-arrange multiple chapters and events so things actually make logical sense.

I wish I had a better update but my writing time has been a little weak as of late. Between my IUD (as talked about previously), side effects from said IUD, and work things have been cray-cray. See without getting into too many details I work for a company does many things including mowing lawns. If you look outside your window right now you probably see at least one lawn needs to be mowed.

Now imagine how many lawns need to be mowed across America.

We are very, very busy at work.

But hopefully I can get some writing and editing done before these robots eat my brains.

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