In Which I Get an Editor

For those who don’t know I’m been battling with a learning disability most of my life. Mostly it means that I cannot comprehend basic math. Seriously, everything over a single digit I break out the calculator app just in case. Sometimes I also word-bad. Or babble. My babble is another post within itself. My brain doesn’t work sometimes and because of that I need a little help.

But Amber, you say, You’ve written a book!

Yes, I reply, and half of it is variations on “Ciro sighed depressingly”.

So I went out and got myself an editor! Everyone say hello to Michelle of Magpie Editing! She’s working on Echo of the Larkspur right now and I will be updating my sample chapter soon to reflect her work.

Thank you for your hard work Michelle! And I’m sorry for all of the times I use the word ‘just’.

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